Lika-liku means ‘vagary’ or ‘intricate’, whereas luka means ‘wound’ in bahasa. This new healing format - prototyped in Soydivision - helped us navigate our intersectional wounds and stimulate our internal collaborations into a 2-day event of various, empathy-driven artistic outputs.

Based on real encounters our collective had experienced just two weeks before, we quickly developed a 2 day program for us to channel our collective rage and anger into a format to process, heal and educate.

LIKA-LIKU LUKA invoked Theater of the Oppressed Methodology, design thinking, video/body performance, a fishbowl conversation where we invited Vicky Truong to moderate, a slametan tumpeng ceremony and finally a wayang puppet theater to educate others about the intricacies of Chinese-Indonesian identity.

Soydivision would like to further incubate this format within our own collective as well as help other collectives adopt it for building community strength in the unique circumstances they may be faced with.