the hybrid empathy forum theathere workshop

From 11-15:00

How can we design methods to address racism?

In this workshop, Soydivision will guide participants through a hybrid, empathy-centered design thinking process based on Augusto Boal’s Forum Theater Method. 

Originating from Brazil, Forum Theater has been used as a method for addressing racism in Swedish restaurants, sexual harassment on public transit in Paris and land use rights with farmers in Portugal.  Design thinking - hailing from Stanford University in California - has been used as a method to prototype creative solutions to pressing design problems in technology companies, the US military and government institutions.

Hybridizing these two methods, participants will share examples or moments where they experienced racism or oppression with the facilitators.  After carefully considering the stories presented, our ‘joker’ (in this case, played by Punakawan Morgan) will select one to be ‘workshopped’ by the group.

The situation will acted out as-it-happened to establish the scene and then re-enacted - but with anyone watching given the ability to say ‘STOP!’ and act out alternative outcomes to the situation by replacing protagonists/antagonists (or any other character) in the scene. 

As many possible outcomes are exhausted before arriving at a final ‘empathy forum’ (facilitated by Punakawan Ariel) where participants synthesize collective proposals for empathy and action - a ‘model of action for the future’.  This final model will be presented the next day, filled with talks, wayang, ritual, performance and ceremony to close our summer together.


for the first edition on 18.09.2020!
Workshop held from 11-15:00
Suggested donation 5-7€ including lunch and workshop materials
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